Day#4 Robocupjunior Bordeaux (Match Day 3)

Because our match started early in the morning, we woke up early yet again and ate breakfast at the hotel. When everyone was ready, we went to the venue to set up our robots and calibrate them on the fields. The robot didn’t work optimally with the line detection, but we felt like it would work out.

Our last individual match of the competition was against Rasta, a team from Iran. This match was very important for us, because it would decide what place we would end in the group phase. There was even a chance to come in the semifinals, though the chance was very slim. During the match, our robots worked fine, but they kept going out of bounds and getting removed from the field. Our opponents also kept incorrectly calling out rules which caused the referees, who weren’t very experienced, to listen to them. This caused them to score goals quite often, which our robots that were removed from the field couldn’t. In the end, we lost with a score of 9-6.      

Because this was our last normal match, our motivation dropped. We had the feeling that it didn’t matter anymore because it was over anyways. But luckily, we pushed through and kept working on the robots. One of our programmers changed the defender so it would work as an attacker which gave us hope again to perform well. On the super team fields, a defender doesn’t work as well because of the big proportions. We had a lot of time on our hands, so we had enough time to make it work.

Our second super team match was very different from the first. Because our programmer worked so hard to optimize the robot for the superteam match, our robot worked way better. It worked so good, that it kept defending from goals and even scored a few for our team. Sadly, the opponents were better than our superteam, and our robot couldn’t do everything. Even though we lost against them, it was one of the funnest matches in Robocup and we all enjoyed the match. The spectators put on some music and the vibe around the match was fun. In the end, the score was 5-2 for the opponents, which meant this was the last match we would play.

After the match, a part of our team went back to the hotel to freshen up. We had a photoshoot 2 hours later, so two members decided to stay and watch the other superteam matches the other teams had. This was very fun, and the vibe we had during our own match carried over to the other matches as well. One team had the first, second and third place in their team, so it was not surprising that this team won. Their robot was very consistent in performing well.

When it was time for the photoshoot, we all went outside and took a picture. This didn’t take long, so when it was done we just went back to the hotel. There, we ordered some food and finally relaxed. The pressure wasn’t there anymore because everything was done, so we could do whatever we could. Tomorrow there’s only the technical challenges, so in the evening we did some research on that and went to sleep.