Day #4 European Robocupjunior Varazdin 

On Friday June the 9th we played 2 matches and had an interview. The first match was against Slovakia and the second match was against Italy. During the first match our robots performed better than the day before, however during the second match some problems started to occur… 

Because of the many challenges we experienced yesterday, we decided to wake up early in the morning. We wanted to make sure that the robot worked to the best of its capabilities before playing the scheduled matches, so we decided to test out the robots very early in the morning and practice calibration.

Match One: Slovakia 

Because we spent a lot of time preparing for this match, we were confident that this match would go smoothly. When the match started, our robots performed better than the day before. However, we did see some imperfections where we could improve on. The robot was slower than usual, which caused the ball to stop right in front of the goal. The robot also kept getting stuck in the corner of the field and went out of bounds a couple of times. In the second half our attacker even started to malfunction. Even though we had a few setbacks, we were still able to win with a score of 10-5.


Despite our win, we wanted to fix the problems that occurred during the match. We looked into the code and searched for whatever could have caused the problem. After reviewing the code and making small adjustments to the attacker, we calibrated and tested the robot again. It looked like it worked, even though there were some things that were not optimal. But our next match proved us wrong…

Match Two: Italy 

In the beginning everything looked to go fine, until the attacker gave up and started turning the wrong way. It also started to ride very slowly towards the ball while it was driving in the wrong direction. Later on in the match, our attacker started to malfunction again. This ended up in us having to play with only a defender against the opponent’s two attackers, which resulted in not being able to do much against them. The results were very disappointing and we hope to be able to fix these problems in time. But despite our loss, we did qualify for the semi-finals!

Post match

After the match we went to eat dinner and relax a bit, before we yet again started to evaluate and fix the problems. We found out that there were some mistakes made in the programming and uploading of the code. We stayed up late in order to further improve the robots so we could be fully prepared for the semi-finals and hopefully be qualified for the finals.