Building a robot costs a lot of money. Sponsors can support us financially or provide us with their products. This way, we are able to get the necessary resources for our robots.

Our trip to France, Bordeaux is not possible without Robeco. They give us the opportunity to take our entire team to the World Cup for the first time. Because Robeco sponsored us, we get the opportunity to further roll out robotics education in Rotterdam and to give underprivileged people the opportunity to follow Roboticus education.

After designing our PCBs, they must also be produced. The company Eurocircuits supports us in this! Eurocircuits is a supplier of Prototype and Small Series PCBs with its own production facilities in Europe. They also provide PCB assembly services and assembly equipment. Learn more about their services at: www.eurocircuits.com

Pololu is an electronics manufacturer and online retailer serving the education, manufacturing and professional engineering industries with products ranging from sensors and motion control electronics to motors and wheels to complete robots. They strive to offer well-designed, quality products that enable them to take their own projects from idea to reality. Check out their products https://www.pololu.com/

Currently, we are getting sponsored by TinyTronics. Their goal is to offer (hobby)electronics for a low price to make it accessible to anyone. On their webshop, you can find handy, fun but mostly affordable electronics! Thanks to TinyTronics, we have been able to obtain some of the necessary parts for our robots. Visit TinyTronics at www.tinytronics.nl www.tinytronics.nl

We are also getting sponsored by OpenMV. Their goal is to make machine vision more accessible to hobbyists. They do this by keeping their products low-cost and by providing user-friendly camera modules that are programmable in a python powered developing platform (OpenMV IDE)! Learn more about OpenMV at: openmv.io

We have recently acquired the license needed to use the Altium program, one of the most popular PCB design programs. They are very excited to support us as a team, and having access to this system will definitely improve our PCBs. Check out their website for more information at: www.altium.com

Interested in a collaboration? Contact us via: sponsoring@teamroboticus.nl or call +31610321020.


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