At our school we have been working with robots for years. That's why we also collected a lot of prizes. Below you can see all our achievements.

National championship Football/soccer

RoboCup NK 2010: Second prize
RoboCup NK 2011: First prize
RoboCup NK 2012: Second and third prize
RoboCup NK 2013: Third prize
RoboCup NK 2014: Third prize
RoboCup NK 2015: Second prize
RoboCup NK 2016: First and third prize
RoboCup NK 2017: First and third prize
RoboCup NK 2018: First prize
Robocup NK 2019: First prize
RoboCup NK 2022: First prize

World Championship football/soccer

RoboCup Austria World Cup 2009: Participation only
RoboCup Singapore 2010 World Cup: Participation Only
RoboCup Mexico World Cup 2012: First Prize (World Champion)
RoboCup Brazil 2014 World Cup: First Prize (World Champion)
RoboCup Japan World Cup 2017: Participation Only
Robocup Canada 2018 World Cup: Participation Only
Robocup Germany European Championship 2019: Participation only
RoboCup Thailand 2022 World Cup: 4th place


First lego league Rijnmond 2009: First prize
First lego league Rijnmond 2010: Second prize
First lego league Rijnmond 2012: Best TeamWork
First lego league Rijnmond 2015: Best Program
First lego league Rijnmond 2016: Best Design
Infomatrix Romania 2015: First Prize
RomeCup Italy 2017: Participation only