Soccer Robot 2017

The robot for the year 2017 is similar to the robot of the year 2016. The brains of our robots are the Arduino's Mega 2560, in 2016 we used the Arduino Due, but we had problems with the I2C of the Due. New sheets of HDPE (polyethylene) have also been developed to make the robot as light and low as possible. Last year's robot was very high and unstable, so we're trying to optimize that. To make the robot as neat as possible, we made 2 PCBs, the main PCB and the light sensors PCB

Components on the Main PCB:

  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • 14 Tsop IR Sensors
  • 2 VNH5019 Pololu Motor Controllers
  • 1 MH11 Bluetooth Module

Components on the Light Sensors PCB

  • 32 Tept 5600 Light sensors
  • 20 white LEDs

Components on the robot:

  • 3 Polulu  34:1 12V 25D DC motoren
  • 3 omni wheels
  • 1 kicker
  • 1 dribbler
  • 4 Maxbotix i2cXL-EZ0 distance sensors