New location | 17 juli 2022

The game is now over and today we left for a new accommodation. The other one was quite small and was only chosen because it was close to the game. Now we have another week to explore Thailand and we are going to an apartment close to the center.

In the morning we cleaned up the last bits and went on our way. It was quite hard to walk around with all our full suitcases and bags. Once we got there we were not disappointed. The apartment is quite luxurious, each room has its own bathroom, most also have their own TV. Because of our journey there we were completely sweaty so we had to freshen up before we went out again.

We went to the shopping center for lunch. In the shopping center you will find many American chains. We ate Subway there, and then left for the apartment. We're still a bit exhausted, so we're going to rest today, but all the activities will start tomorrow!