Last matches | 15 juli 2022

Today was our last matches. We have to play one individual match and we had two super team matches.

Match 1

This match was against the Brazilian team Aperture. Their robot barely worked, so this was an easy game for us. We won 13-0. It was nice to see our robot working a bit but also because we had become friends with the other team and we felt sad that their robot didn't work at all. This is also because we know the feeling well.

We were now done with all individual matches. After this we had to play in a super team. A super team is a team that consists of three different teams. Unfortunately, we were on a team with robots that didn't work, so our team wasn't very good.

At the end of the match we played in super team XXL. This is a competition with six robots per team. We were on the team with this year's RoboCup Winners and last year's so our team was very good. The Italian team won this year. Their robot is very fast and sim, we were very impressed.

All in all we finished fourth out of twelve, so we are very happy. We have also been very lucky. We look forward to the next RoboCup!