Sponsoringsevent Eindhoven

In July 2024 we will have the world championship Robocup in the Netherlands, Eindhoven. Last Monday we got invited to participate in their sponsor event and showcase our robots. Multiple different Dutch teams came to show their robots and to get into contact with all kinds of different companies. We also invited our own sponsors, but sadly they could not make it.

We went by train and bus to the sponsor event. There were some complications with the train but luckily we arrived with spare time to set our spot up. The organizers made a soccer field for us to use our robots on, so we were very thankful for that. We used a television to play a slideshow with all our achievements and to show a model of our robot. We also had two posters on which more information about the robot were displayed. With these three extra utilities at our use, we made sure to present our project as clearly as possible. 

The event began with a presentation from the organizers talking about the world championships and their plans for it. They are expecting around 50.000 visitors to come and more than 3000 participants to join, of which around 1000 would be from the junior league. The plans they made seemed very impressive and we can’t wait to see it become reality in July. 

After the presentation, a part of our group went back to our stand to talk with other people, and part of our group went to other teams to talk about how their robot works and possible things we can implement in our own robot. Team Twente, a university team in Twente that sponsored 20 motors, was also at this event. We made sure to thank them again and gave them a Christmas card that we designed to thank everyone that helped our team. 

A lot of people came up to talk at our stand and the conversations were very interesting. We made a lot of valuable contacts at this event and are very thankful to the organizers for inviting us to this event. Around 6 PM, the event ended and we went back to Rotterdam to end the day. A video of this event is also posted on our Instagram, so if you want to see more of it, be sure to check it out!