Week1 | Building our new robot

Kickoff Season 2023!   

After participating in the 2022 world championship, we realized that we needed to make some improvements in order to become the World Champions of 2023. For this new season, we are building a new robot from scratch! Weekly, we’ll be sharing our learning progress and updates about our robots in our blogs. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on our journey of creating the ultimate soccer robot!

For the past months we have been brainstorming and testing out our new ideas and tactics. We have been designing custom PCBs and 3D printable frames optimized for weight. Because we are participating in the lightweight league, our robot cannot have a weight of more than 1100 grams! At the end of 2022 we were able to finish our robot concept, now in 2023 we’re taking the next step which is building the first version of our soccer robot! The PCBs and most of the components have already arrived.

This coming week, our Engineers will be focussing on finishing our PCBs and assembling the components. Our CAD Designers are optimizing our frame design, our first completely 3D printed frame is shown on the right.

In order to find the perfect balance between weight and stability, we constantly tweak our designs to find this perfect balance. After this, we will 3D print our final frame design in a special PETG carbon fiber composite filament.

We want to thank all our sponsors for supporting us in our journey: Eurocircuits, Pololu, OpenMV, Tinytronics and Altium Designer.Without them we would not be able to realize our robots in their current state. In the upcoming blog posts, we will introduce our sponsors to our audience so stay tuned